Sample Invitation Letter vs Traditional Invitation

The traditional invitation and the invitation letter serve the exact same purpose….to invite guest to an event, celebration, party, etc. and in this case a family reunion. The difference between a traditional invitation and an invitation letter is that an invitation letter provides and conveys a lot more information regarding the event. So which one should you use? That’s totally up to you and depends on factors such as the type of family reunion event, the length of the reunion, reunion information and details, etc.

In the sample which I have provided via the link below, you will note that my family’s reunion is a three day event. One year we even had a four day reunion event. The point I’m making is that it is difficult to get all of the information and details in a traditional invitation. Please note that it is not impossible as I have actually accomplished it with a great deal of success using two sides of a larger invitation card. With an invitation letter, however, there is more room to roam to denote and detail specifics of the reunion.

When you closely examine the sample letter and you will note the following information and details are included: date(s) of the reunion, where the reunion is being held, reunion theme, reunion activities, tentative itinerary, hotel accommodations and applicable cost, reunion fees, t-shirts prices, payment deadlines, RSVP and payment instructions, reunion coordinator and/or who to contact. This gives you a general idea of that information and details to include in a family reunion invitation letter. Keep in mind there may be a few more elements you want to include based on your specific need.

The sample letter which I have provided may be used as a guide to assist you with writing your family reunion invitation letter. Customize and tweak it accordingly.

Click here to download a free sample invitation letter for a family reunion.

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