Family Reunion Games are like the toppings you put on your ice cream sundae. So scoop them out and be sure to put a cherry on the top! Have your family singing the Campbell Soup Song…. ‘Um, Um Good”…with these unique family reunion games.

A special thank you to those who sent me personal emails praising the website, and asking me to hurry and get some games posted on the site. You have so warmed my heart and given me even more inspiration and motivation continue pressing on with my website. So, I’m scooping out some yummy toppings just for you! ENJOY!


Mix and Mingle
This is great family reunion game where family members with similar likes, tastes’, preferences, etc, find each other. Although this is a pencil and paper game, it involves a lot of mixing and mingling as well. Develop, generate, and print a list with about 10-20 descriptions items like the following…be sure to leave a blank space for family members to write their answers: My favorite NBA team, My favorite NFL team, My favorite Pizza Topping, What deodorant I use, What toothpaste I use, My favorite dessert, What lotion I use, Coke or Pepsi, Coffee with or without cream, right handed or left handed, etc…Be creative in generating your list. The leader will allow a designated time for everyone to complete their list. Afterwards, the leader will begin by calling out each item on the list starting with the first item, for example, “Favorite NBA team…Mix and Mingle”. Each family member begins to repeat and say out loud their favorite NBA team, while listening for others who are repeating the same thing. Family members are instructed to walk around as much as they need to find family other family members who have similar likes, tastes’, preferences, etc. As family members find other family members who like the same NBA team, they are to “group together” by locking arms and looking for more family members with the same likes. After about one minute, the leader then says “STOP” and announces the next item on the list as follows: “Favorite NFL team…Mix and Mingle”. The process continues until all items on the list have been called. It’s okay if some of the family members are left out. All who are left out of any category are to group together. This is fun family reunion game where family members will find out a lot about each other.


Frozen T-shirt Contest
Have a few extra family reunion t shirts left over? Or perhaps you ordered some extras to give away as prizes. Well, here’s a great family reunion game that is a fun and creative way to let family members earn an additional family reunion t shirt. The objective of this game is to be the first person to thaw out the frozen t-shirt and wear it. The items your need are as follows: your t shirts, gallon size zip lock bags, and water. Simply take the t shirts, soak and satuate them in water. Then you can either fold them or ball them up. However, which ever one the options you chose make sure that you are consistent. Either they are all folded or all balled up. If you fold them make sure you can see the sizes and if you balled them up write the size on the zip lock bag. Place the t shirts in the gallon size zip lock bags and place them in the freezer. Give yourself a few days lead time on the freezing so that the shirts are rock solid frozen. Keep them frozen until time to play. If you’re doing this at your reunion picnic, place the frozen shirts in an ice cooler on ice. This will help keep them frozen until you’re ready for them. When you’re ready, ask for participants who would like a chance to win an extra reunion t shirt based on the number and sizes of the t shirts you have available. However, don’t tell them what they have to do to win. Give each participant a frozen t shirt based on their size and instruct them that the first one to put their t shirt on is the winner. It’s hard…really it impossible to put on a frozen t shirt! That’s what makes this funny. They will have warm/thaw the t shirts out. You will have to set your rules. You can either opt to not have any rules and allow them use any means necessary to warm/thaw out their shirt or you can set rules that they can do anything except for instance not put under running water. It’s totally up to you. Lots and lots of fun!!!! Side Note: Although you stated that the one who gets the shirt thawed out first is the winner, all participants actually win their shirts as well. Perhaps, you can award the winner with extra t shirt! Lots and lots of fun!

Minute To Win It
“Minute to Win It” was an American prime time game show on NBC that was hosted by Guy Fieri. Contestants took part in a series of 60-second challenges that used objects that where commonly available around the house. Integrate some of the Minute to Win It games into your next family. You and your family will have soooooo much FUN! Some of my favorite Minute to Win It” games for a family reunion are Bobblehead, Junk In the Truck, Tissue Pull and the Cup Stacking/Cup Challenge. You can do an internet search as well as a YouTube video search for examples and instructions on these games. Minute to Win It games are excellent family reunion games!


Family Members Name Search Game
Your family will love this family reunion game! This is another pencil and paper game which involves the family members interacting and interfacing with each other and is a lot of fun. You will need to use a crossword puzzle generator and create a crossword puzzle with the names of family members who will be attending the reunion all hidden in the crossword puzzle. Family members are instructed to not only located and find family members name on the crossword puzzle but actual find the family member and have that family member to mark thru their own name. In the event some of your family members have the same first name, use a middle initial with those.

Another variation to this game would be to generate a word search puzzle using the family members names. Again, just find a free word search puzzle generator. My good friend “GOOGLE” will certainly assist you with that!




Hot Seat
Looking for a truly unique family reunion game. This is one of my originals which I fashioned and tweaked from the traditional “hot seat” game. I decided to incorporate some items which are truly indicative of “hot”! The game serves as a great way to see who knows their family history as well as a learning tool for those observing. Take a chair and identify it as the “hot seat.” Set a small table next to the “hot seat” with the following items on it: hot sauce, plastic spoons, a bowl with chopped red peppers, box of red hots candy and several several bottles of ice cold bottled water. Set a timer for any length of time like 30 seconds or one minute…this is more than enough time. Put everyone’s name into a drawing box and each family member whose name is pulled must sit in the “hot seat”. The leader will ask the individuals in the “hot seat” questions regarding the family’s history. If they get it right, they’re safe and get a bottle of cold water. However, if they can’t answer or get it wrong, the audience decides by a round of applause which “hot” item they must partake. This family reunion game is really a lot of fun and smokin HOT!



Family Reunion Elections
Okay, so we’ve finally got through the 2012 elections and we all know regardless of our political affiliation that it was one for the history books. So in the spirit of fun, have a Family Reunion Election with chosen candidates making crazy promises. Make up some funny Political party names like Rebelligicans, Boogiecrats, Bigressives, Coffee Party, etc. Elect a family Mayor, Governor, President for the year, Senator, etc. Be creative and have fun. This is a great banquet activity.



In My Lifetime, I…
This is a great game to play at your family reunion get aquainted function. Have the attendees to mingle with each other for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then pass around a sheet with a list of things people could have done in their lifetime. Here are some examples of statements you can use:

1. I traveled to a foreign country.
2. I retired.
3. I have attended the family reunion but this is my first time

Read each statement aloud and give everyone a few minutes to write down the names of the family member who did those things. You can see how much family members learned about each other!

They can add names to their sheet as they talk with the other family members. You can award a prize to the first person who finds someone who did each statement listed on the sheet.



Sawdust Dig
Here’s a fantastic game for the kiddies (and adults) too. You will need a kiddie’s swimming pool, coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, silver dollars, etc.) and sawdust. You can either put all the coins at the bottom first and pour the saw dust on the top of the coins or you can fill the pool with the sawdust first and throw in the coins amidst the sawdust. Set a time limit and allow the kids to dig through the saw dust for coins. Depending on the ages of the children you may want to divide them up by age groups giving a each group a set time to dig. You can, also, allow the adults to get in on the fun after the children have finished as the children will probably not glean that much and leave a lot left over. An awesome family reunion game!

More great family reunion games are forthcoming. Be sure to check back often.

I hope you got value and inspiration from this post. Your feedback is welcome. Please leave it in the comments below.

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    These game ideas are great! I’m ready to try a word search and “In my life I”…. Both of those would be great games to play… The latter helps those who maybe new to get better acquainted with the rest of their family… Great!

    • Kathleen Wright says

      Yes, Diane! The Word Search game tweaked with the added twist of family names is super fun! The “In My Lifetime, I” game is fun and entertaining as well as. It’s great way for family members to get acquainted, learn and find out things about each other. Have fun with those games and take pictures. I would love for you the share them with us.

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